• Novel Architecture

    in the hills

    Designed to perfection and to blend with the surrounding

  • Scenic beauty all around and

    beacon of light at night

    Open doors to the beautiful mountains. Experience the breeze, and the chill.

  • Misty Mystique of

    the mountains

    Beauty covered in mist lets you experience the glamour of hill country.

  • Warm welcome to

    the cold mountains

    We guarantee comfort which would exceed your expectations.

  • Communal living with a twist

    Socialise while you enjoy your stay, have a chat.

  • Magic of the 8 ball

    Fancy a round of pool? Keep yourself entertained.

  • Warmth of the hill country

    Feel free, enjoy the sight-seeing, and make enquires to the surrounding.

  • Dine and Socialise

    Enjoy a calm dining experience.

  • Wine, Dine and Enjoy nature

    Dine looking into the beautiful surroundings of the hill country. Your food would never have tasted better.

  • Exquisite dishes to

    tickle taste buds

    We have the dishes to cater to the needs of your taste buds, created by our master chef.

  • Dine with perfection

    Offering you the perfect dining experience

  • Tea of the hills

    We live with our tea. Enjoy the best tea of the hill, while you stay with us.

  • Scenic dining

    Have the best dining experience ever with a view of the hills, the mist and the nature.

  • Traditional dishes

    Taste traditional Sri Lankan dishes at its finest quality.

  • International cuisine

    Treating you with dishes from around the world, to give you an excellent dining experience.

  • Dining at its finest

    Treat yourself with dishes that would be as memorable as your stay.

  • Branded, quality toiletry

    Grand Camellia branded toiletry are of the finest quality and guaranteed to perfection and freshness.

  • From Soap to Shower

    Enjoy our quality toiletry from soap to shower with our range of products waiting for you.

  • Finest toiletry redefined

    Feel the difference of our quality toiletry of the best quality.